Sports Video Games

For the sports lover, video games consoles are a dream, and for those of us who dreamt of running out on the pitch at Wembley or playing tennis at Wimbledon, these games are the closest we will probably ever get! There are some classic games developed every year, as well as some substandard games, so here is a list of top best and worst sports video games?

Top Spin
The Top Spin series are tennis games, now up to the fourth in their series, they allow you to play as your favorite tennis player or put yourself in the game and watch yourself in a sparkling tennis career.

Madden NFL
More targeted at the American sports gamers, this American Football series is one of the longest running games out there, and they release a new one every year which just seems to get better and more in depth. This is a fun game whether you’re a fan of the sport or don’t know anything about it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Golf is one of the most popular sports out there these days, and in spite of Tiger having his problems off the course in the last few years, he’s still the glittering front of the PGA Tour series, a must-have game for golfers and sports fans everywhere with a load of pros and real courses built into the game.

Skating is something of an underground sport, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the games don’t sell well, as the Skate franchise has become one of the most popular sports games out there. Anyone can jump on board with the Skate games and have a great laugh (or start an amazing career) with your friends or on your own.

The Fifa games are without a doubt the most popular out there when it comes to sports games. Football, or ‘Soccer’ in the USA, is the most widely recognized sport in the world and is played all over Europe, South America, Asia and the rest of the world. Fifa has been a success for over 10 years and continues to develop their amazing game, which now has online Vs. modes, career modes, management modes and more, making it an in-depth experience which is great for footy fans.

Street Fighter
The video game, for one thing, didn’t have a whole lot of bare-knuckle fighting and replaced it with more of heavy gun play. It had virtually no plot to speak of and the two main actors, Raul Julia a respected theater-trained actor and Jean-Claude Van Damme an action star should never be in the same state with each other.


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